Our children's ministry provides a solid foundation of faith for our children. That foundation is framed with truth and covered with Christ's unconditional love. We teach God's faithfulness, compassion, love, and forgiveness. Our purpose is to bring glory and honor to God, and it is demonstrated through how we live, love, and relate to one another.

Have questions about the children's department? Contact Pastor Lisa Sanders at the church office at 405-843-9588. You can also sign up for the Children's Ministry Email List below.


What a blessing our little ones are to us at OKC First! Our Nursery Directors, Dayna Stark and Lisa Weir, oversee the care of children from birth to 3 years of age. Our goal is to provide excellent care to each child and the knowledge that Jesus loves them very much. Our nursery is made up of seven rooms in which children are divided by development, not just by age, so that we can provide the safest environment possible for all of our children.


Preschoolers play an important role in our congregation. They are at an age where they soak up everything they see and hear. We begin to share with them the stories of the Bible and teach them that God wants to have a relationship with them. They are also taught the importance of treating others with kindness.


9:30am - 12:00pm

Preschool children are welcomed by friendly teachers who participate with them at a variety of classroom learning centers as well as group story time, crafts, and fun music. Our preschoolers are split into three rooms based on age: Seeds (Room 21), Sprouts, and Saplings (Room 33)


6:30-7:45pm in Rooms 21 & 33

Our kids will explore the Bible through play and adventure. They will see God as their friend and loving Father. They will experience story time, music, crafts, share & prayer, and games.



Kids Sunday is the second Sunday of each month. Families are encouraged to worship in the sanctuary together with their children.

Sunday School | 9:30am

Children, preschool through 5th grade, gather in different classrooms in the Children's Department, where they learn about Christ's love for them through Bible stories and activities. We have loving teachers who look forward to teaching your child.

Children's Church | 10:30am in the Children's Worship Center (Room 32)

Children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, are led in praise and worship and participate in a "Worship and Wonder" Bible lesson. They are encouraged to share prayer requests and pray for each other. After our guided worship, kids are rotated through two different learning centers in which the lesson of the day is reinforced.


DIG | 6:30-7:45pm (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

DIG is a rotational learning setting, where the Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks. Kids experience the same story for several weeks in a row; however, they encounter the story at new stations each week, such as art, cooking, and science. Repetition is an important way that children retain what they have learned.

JUNIOR LEADERS | 4th & 5th Grade

Our 4th and 5th graders are exploring their faith through a Nazarene catechism called My Faith where children learn about what we believe in the Wesleyan tradition.