As we get bigger,

we must also get smaller.

Friendship with God, Friendship with One Another, and Open Friendship for the Sake of the World.

These are the guiding marks of our church. They cannot happen for any of us if our only involvement in the life of OKC First is on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

We believe that each person at OKC First should be connected to a smaller group where friendship, vulnerability, confession, and discussion are possible. Some people find that small group connection in a Sunday School class, and we celebrate that. Others find that connection in a discipleship program like JustFaith, DISCIPLE, Prayer Practice, or a step study in Celebrate Recovery. Still others find it in a traditional small group - friends who meet on a regular basis to share meals, stories, and burdens. We have a variety of those traditional small groups across the life of our congregation. Some meet once a week, others meet once a month. Some read books together, others meet to laugh and pray. Some groups have members of various ages, backgrounds, and circumstances, while other groups have people who are in the same life situation.

It is our belief that the life of faith is incomplete without these sorts of small group connections. If you are interested in joining ANY of these types of groups, please email us at