spiritual development

Friendship with God. It’s one of the three things we are learning to do at OKC First. We want our people to grow deeper in their relationship with God. We want the lives of our people to be shaped and formed after the person of Jesus. Below are a few programs that we have to help in that process.

disciple bible study

Disciple is an in-depth study of Scripture in community. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 from September to May. It’s a long-term commitment, but a life-changing experience! You will be encountered by God through Scripture and grow together with friends that become family. Here are a few testimonies from those who completed Disciple:

"I discovered that all along God loved us. All my life I thought that God was a God of wrath, so he sent His Son to be the Loving type. Well, I was wrong. God didn’t send His Son so that he could love us, He sent His son BECAUSE He loves us. I can’t say that I have memorized a bunch of verses in the Bible but I can say that I know the Lord truly loves me and I don’t have to live in guilt anymore. My relationship with the Lord is not based upon works and I finally understand how a healthy relationship with the Lord works."

"I found myself wanting to read and learn more and more. While working through the Bible I found my life having more meaning and taking on a sense of peace I've not experienced before."

"I have a new understanding of the Bible and feel that this class has helped me make strides in my spiritual journey."

"I have enjoyed the new friends I have through this class, and appreciate seeing the sincerity of their faith, and their desire to know God."

"The high-point of this course was pleasure of forming habits so supportive of a Christian life... this is easily the most I've read of the Bible in one systematic effort. This has encouraged me to carry my Bible with me in the car and in my work bag. I'm definitely more able to use scripture as a part of my prayers and as a guide in my conversations. My faith has been strengthened in the aspect of a personal relationship with a loving God (as opposed to living Christianity as a mere code-of-conduct)."

Prayer practice

Prayer Practice is a nine-month class in the study and practice of Christian prayer disciplines. Gathering together on Wednesday nights from September to May, this class offers you the opportunity to develop a deeper intimacy with God through a newly developed prayer life. We hear year after year that those who complete the Prayer Practice class have learned for the first time in their lives how to listen to God in prayer. Not only that, but they also developed deeper relationships with those in the class who have traveled with them together in this journey of prayer.


JustFaith is a 30-week journey into compassion that provides a lively and challenging opportunity to read, view, discuss, pray, experience and be formed by the Christian justice tradition. We believe that our faith in Jesus should shape our relationship with the needy and marginalized in our world. JustFaith helps us wrestle with these issues in community, and understand our call to the broken. This intensive class begins in September and concludes in May.