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We have never left anyone at home because of money.

OKC First Youth is committed to making sure each and every student gets the opportunity to travel this summer. If finances will be a barrier for your family, we will have a couple of options available to you:

Fundraisers: We will be offering a couple of fundraising opportunities through the church. Be on the lookout for that information.

Scholarship Request: We ask that you and your student make every effort possible to be a part of our fundraiser efforts, but if that isn't enough to cover your expenses, we have a scholarship request form available for you at any time.


Heirloom east Bay

San Fransisco, Ca

Spring break, JULY

student coST: TBD
sponsor Cost: TBD

What to Expect: 

Heirloom East Bay is an intentional small scale farm and Nazarene christian community just outside of San Francisco, California. In partnership with them, our students will have the opportunity to help with gardening, taking care of livestock, service projects on the grounds, and learning about sustainable solutions to care for God's creation.

We will also spend a few days in San Francisco, working with San Fransisco City Impact, an organization that addresses the urban poverty needs in the infamous Tenderloin District. They will assist with a variety of projects including food distribution, toy organization, assisting with the local school and clothing pantry. 

nazarene youth conference (nyc)

july 3-10

Registration is now closed. 

Pay at:

Cost: $1500

For more info, email Pastor Avarilla at: