• Jesus The truth | lent Series

    Today marks the second Sunday in the season of Lent! 

    In the forty days of Lent (not counting Sundays) we experience the temptations of Jesus and remember our own. We recognize in the rapidly rising hopes of a triumphal entry some of our own expectations and hopes for a world of peace and love. But then comes Holy Week, and we see so many of those hopes dashed to their death. A somber time to be sure, but even in Lent we remember that each Sunday of the year is a little Easter. Therefore we take courage, our hearts grow strong, and once again we determine to throw our lives into the struggle on the side of peace, justice, and love.

    - A Guide To Prayer for All Who Seek God

  • Earth for Lent: Six Weeks to Save the Planet

    Sunday Mornings | 9:30am | Atrium

    Do you care about the planet but you're not sure what to DO about it? Join us for a 6-week Sunday School hour class led by pastor Brit. 

    For more info email Brit@okcfirst.com

  • lenten prayers

    Fridays | 12-1pm | Sanctuary

    Each Friday during the season of Lent, the sanctuary will be open for all who would like to pray over the lunch hour. And If you would like to pray with someone, or have someone pray for you, or just talk, one of our pastors will be there as well.

  • Opportunity to serve

    CAIR-OK (The Council On American-Islamic Relations ) has been an enormous support partner for Oklahoma’s newest refugees from Afghanistan, and they need help. There are volunteer opportunities to sort donations, ways to help at clothing bazaars and an advocacy day at the Capitol, and local mosque tours to learn about the upcoming holiday of Ramadan. Contact NMI President Wes Veitch wesveitch@gmail.com if interested, and also check out CAIR’s Amazon Wishlist below. They are in desperate need of shampoo, toothpaste, and body wash.


  • Grief Support Group

    A safe and confidential support group for individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one


    -9 evening sessions

    -weekly or biweekly

    -exact start date, cadence, and times TBD by participants

    Location: OKC First Church of the Nazarene

    Cost: Free

    Registration is required: 


    For More Information

    Lisa Cheney | lisadchesney@gmail.com | 405-761-3560

    Holly Bennett| hollylashaecary@gmail.com | 405-889-0378

    Contact Calm Waters:

    Abby Tooley|tooley@calmwaters.org | 405-841-4800 ext. 107

    About Calm Waters: The mission of Calm Waters is to help individuals in their grief journey caused by death, divorce, or other significant loss. Calm Waters Support Groups are not counseling services, but a program that provides emotional support while working through the natural grieving process. Our goal is to teach healthy coping skills to participants. Calm Waters Grief Support Groups are secure environments where individuals can safely express feelings of grief and loss, thus facilitating the process of healing. Calm Waters is of the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment. Our society often fails to understand the needs of anyone who has been separated from a loved one through death, divorce, or other significant loss. Based on these beliefs, the principles of Calm Waters are: Grief is the natural reaction to the loss of a loved one through death, divorce or other significant loss. Within each individual is the capacity to heal one’s self. The duration and intensity of grief are unique for each individual. Children experience grief and loss differently than adults.

  • LUKA International foundation

    If there is no intervention, school-age orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia risk increased rates of abuse and exploitation, increased drop-out rates, increases risk to become infected with HIV, increases risk for risky sexual behavior, increased risk for malnutrition, limited access to education, and health These factors represent both a cause and an outcome of extreme poverty. 

    This is our work to do. Please join us. 


  • support our after school programs

    For the price of one coffee a month, you can help Our Neighborhood Empowered make a tangible difference in the neighborhood. Here’s a breakdown of how your money is invested back into your community:

    $5/month covers 5 meals. We serve an average of 480 meals per month.

    $25/month covers 1 week of transportation.

    $50/month covers the cost of one student to receive virtual learning assistance for a month.


  • Wednesday Night Classes

    Lenten contemplative prayer group on Zoom using “Celtic Prayers” by Robert Van de Weyer

    Teacher: Rev. Aaron Bolerjack

    Dates: March 1-April 5

    Time: 6:30 pm



    "Life's Too Short To Pretend You're Not Religious" book study

    Teacher: Chris Yates

    Where: Hybrid

    David Dark argues that religion is an essential part of our lives, and in Life's Too Short to Pretend You're Not Religious, he discusses how we make peace with it and live an undivided life in the context of life in 2023. 

    Message from your instructor:

    "We will meet every Wednesday except for Ash Wednesday (February 22), and over spring break (March 15th). Get your books now! We will be doing this in a hybrid mode via in person and Zoom."


    order your book

    Age Group Ministries

    Kids (nursery - 5th)

    Rev. Lisa Sanders

    6:30 - 8:00pm

    Kids Department

    contact: lisa@okcfirst.com

    Youth (6th - 12th)

    Rev. Avarilla Flemming

    6:30 - 8:00pm

    Cole Community Center

    contact: avarilla@okcfirst.com


    Rev. Brit Bolerjack

    8:30 - 9:30pm


    contact: brit@okcfirst.com

  • Ministerio Latino Service

    Sundays at 10:45am

    Room 45

    Led by Rev. Daniel Moreyra, we are so excited to launch a brand new, all-spanish worship service! For more information, please email daniel@okcfirst.com

  • Join a Sunday School Class!

    Not currently part of a Sunday school class? You're missing out on such a great opportunity to dig deeper relationally and spiritually. 

    Check out a list of our adult Sunday school classes currently available:

    SUNday school classes

  • stay up to date

    Along with the digital worship folder, our weekly email communication is one of the best ways to stay up to date on what's happening at OKC First! 

    If you are not currently on our email list OR are not sure if you are on our list, click the button below and we'll make sure that you are.


  • SERVE at okc first

    At OKC First, we are always finding ways to put skin and flesh on the welcome and hospitality of God! We need your help to do that, so sign up for one of our teams today! 

    We are specifically looking for more building prep, greeters, and creative team volunteers!

    I Want to serve!

  • Support for Ukraine

    Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out and supporting our Nazarenes in Eurasia in a number of ways. As needs continue to be identified - below are the main ways you can help:

    PRAY - we do not underestimate the power of prayer in this situation and your part in that.

    ADVOCATE - write to your government representatives and be a voice for Christian action and peace.

    GIVE - help meet both immediate needs and later consequences of this crisis at ncm.org/Ukraine

    GO - for short or longer term volunteer opportunities, please apply here https://opportunities.nazarene.org

    Find out more by heading to the denominational website: https://nazarene.org/.../european-nazarenes-respond...


    The Walt Crow Center is a ministry of OKC First that provides pastors a place to retreat and seek encouragement and healing. Check out our latest newsletter for more information: https://www.waltcrowcenter.com/general-8



    Want to contribute to the mission and ministry of OKC but you're new to online giving? Visit www.okcfirst.com/give and follow the steps in this easy-to-follow video tutorial!