• Current SErmon series: Psalm Writing

    We'll explore the lost art of lament and delve into the depth of authenticity and honesty in our faith. Reflecting on Jesus, examining ourselves, and confessing the difference, we invite you on a journey of heartfelt expression and spiritual discovery. Embrace this time to connect more deeply with God and one another. 

  • Join the Tenebrae and Easter Choir at OKC First!

    This spring, immerse yourself in the profound beauty of music and fellowship by joining our Tenebrae and Easter choir. As we prepare to commemorate the solemnity of Tenebrae and celebrate the joy of Easter, your voice can play a pivotal role in enhancing our worship services and touching the hearts of our congregation.

    Practice Sessions:

    • Sundays at 4:00 PM
    • Wednesdays at 7:45 PM

    Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or someone looking to contribute your voice to our church for the first time, we warmly welcome you to join us. Practices are held twice a week, giving you the opportunity to deepen your musical skills, connect with fellow choir members, and be part of a special community.

    To express your interest or for more information, please reach out by emailing info@okcfirst.com. Let your voice be heard this season as we reflect on the journey from darkness to light, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

  • Lenten Prayer: Fridays 12pm


    Fridays | 12-1pm | Sanctuary

    Each Friday during the season of Lent, the sanctuary will be open for all who would like to pray over the lunch hour.And If you would like to pray with someone, or have someone pray for you, or just talk, one of our pastors will be there as well. We are on this journey together. 

  • support our after school & Summer programs

    For the price of one coffee a month, you can help Our Neighborhood Empowered make a tangible difference in the neighborhood. Here’s a breakdown of how your money is invested back into your community:

    $5/month covers 5 meals. We serve an average of 480 meals per month.

    $25/month covers 1 week of transportation.

    $50/month covers the cost of one student to receive virtual learning assistance for a month.


  • Green Heart exchange

    Interested in hosting a foreign exchange student? Greenheart Exchange is committed to cultivating leaders from all around the world through exchange programs in the United States. 

    Exchange students are High school-aged individuals who possess their own spending money, have their own insurance, and can communicate in decent English. Meanwhile, hosts are responsible for providing three meals a day, a comfortable sleeping arrangement, and a suitable space for studying. Moreover, hosts are expected to embody good-heartedness, offering support and guidance to the students throughout their stay.

    If anyone is interested in hosting, contact Caleb Simonds at Simondsgreenheart@gmail.com.

  • LUKA International foundation

    If there is no intervention, school-age orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia risk increased rates of abuse and exploitation, increased drop-out rates, increases risk to become infected with HIV, increases risk for risky sexual behavior, increased risk for malnutrition, limited access to education, and health These factors represent both a cause and an outcome of extreme poverty. 

    This is our work to do. Please join us. 


  • Wednesday Night Classes

    Age Group Ministries

    Kids (nursery - 5th)

    Rev. Lisa Sanders

    6:30 - 8:00pm

    Kids Department

    contact: lisa@okcfirst.com

    Youth (6th - 12th)

    Rev. Avarilla Anfuso

    6:30 - 8:00pm

    Cole Community Center

    contact: avarilla@okcfirst.com


    Rudy Rockett

    8:30 - 9:30pm

    Cole Community Center

    contact: rudy@okcfirst.com

  • Ministerio Latino Service

    Sundays at 10:45am

    Room 45

    Led by Rev. Daniel Moreyra, we are so excited to launch a brand new, all-spanish worship service! For more information, please email daniel@okcfirst.com

  • Join a Sunday School Class!

    Not currently part of a Sunday school class? You're missing out on such a great opportunity to dig deeper relationally and spiritually. 

    Check out a list of our adult Sunday school classes currently available:

    SUNday school classes

  • stay up to date

    Along with the digital worship folder, our weekly email communication is one of the best ways to stay up to date on what's happening at OKC First! 

    If you are not currently on our email list OR are not sure if you are on our list, click the button below and we'll make sure that you are.


  • SERVE at okc first

    At OKC First, we are always finding ways to put skin and flesh on the welcome and hospitality of God! We need your help to do that, so sign up for one of our teams today! 

    We are specifically looking for more building prep, greeters, and creative team volunteers!

    I Want to serve!

  • Support for Ukraine

    Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out and supporting our Nazarenes in Eurasia in a number of ways. As needs continue to be identified - below are the main ways you can help:

    PRAY - we do not underestimate the power of prayer in this situation and your part in that.

    ADVOCATE - write to your government representatives and be a voice for Christian action and peace.

    GIVE - help meet both immediate needs and later consequences of this crisis at ncm.org/Ukraine

    GO - for short or longer term volunteer opportunities, please apply here https://opportunities.nazarene.org

    Find out more by heading to the denominational website: https://nazarene.org/.../european-nazarenes-respond...


    The Walt Crow Center is a ministry of OKC First that provides pastors a place to retreat and seek encouragement and healing. Check out our latest newsletter for more information: https://www.waltcrowcenter.com/general-8



    Want to contribute to the mission and ministry of OKC but you're new to online giving? Visit www.okcfirst.com/give and follow the steps in this easy-to-follow video tutorial!