Giving is an act of worship.

We believe that giving is an act of worship - just like singing, praying, reading Scripture and serving. We give, not in an effort to win the favor of God, but in grateful response to the depth of God's love and grace, poured out in powerful and life-changing ways. And as we give, we are shaped to look and sound and live more and more like Christ. Your gifts to OKC First further the mission and ministry and message of our church. With your resources, we are making a difference - in lives, in households, in our neighborhood, in our city and throughout the world. Your gifts aren't just shaping you; they are shaping the world as well. 

Thank you for responding in grace to the Grace that will not let you go. Thank you for believing that God can move and bring life to His people, the Church. Thank you for making yourself available to the One who dares to use us and our resources to bring hope, health, life and peace.


Ways to give

We offer a variety of ways for you to give:

  • Each Sunday there are two giving stations located inside the back of the sanctuary where you can give via cash or check.
  • Give online via bank draft or credit or debit card and set up recurring donations at
  • Give via text message by texting 405-896-3105. The first time you send a text message to this number, you will need to register your phone and a debit or credit card. After that, you can simply text an amount and an optional designation to make a donation. You can text things like "100 Building Fund" or "150 Tithe". You can view these donations along with your other online donations. 
    NOTE: The donation does not show on your phone bill; it comes from your debit or credit card.
  • Give of your time and resources. We understand that not all of us are always in a situation when it is easy to give financially. We always have a number of areas where we could use the help of volunteers to continue to propel our ministries forward. To contact us about ways you could be involved, send us a message!
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